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Qingdao Singsino Group Limited under Singsino Group,We are the global leading supplier of flexible technical hoses made from PVC materials and related fittings, accessories, plastic machines.

We have proudly served the market with top industry expertise since 2004 and we are still the top industry leader in the global competition with our product and managerial innovation. Based in China, we have 80% of sales from the global market and are able to sustainability grow at 30% annually in sales. Our products are being exported to clients in North/south America, Europe, Asia, African, Oceania, and more than 80 countries.

We have the top leading team with strong industry expertise to serve clients from all around the world. We do have a proven system to ensure that our clients can get the right products at the right time. We are confident of being able to meet all buyers' needs.


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